Monday, May 18, 2009

My Learn and Shoot #1 - very very very very basic Checklist

This post will contain the information on my photo shooting 'habit', the settings i usually check before putting my eye in front of the viewfinder.

0. Lens cap is removed/power is on/battery level/frames left;

1. Current lens focus mode and camera focus mode - M/A, VR-on, normal;

2. Current exposure mode - Manual mode;

3. Current ISO setting- recently started to prefer iso-auto (will talk about why some other time);

4. Current WB setting - Auto/Pre;

5. Current Exposure Compensation - EV, +/-;

6. Current metering mode - Matrix;

7. Current AF area - Dynamix area;

8. Image Quality settings - Jpeg+Fine;

9. Current Picture Control - Sharpness (+5), Saturation (0/+1/+2/+3);

10. Composition from Hubbard's Camera, of course :) and here...;

I use the 'func' key to customize a menu for easy one-hand accessing to the above settings.

feel free to comment..

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