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    Saturday, March 14, 2009

    My favorite constellation - The Orion

    This is my first time ever on astrophotography (if it's consider one).
    I know they look lousy... will try a longer exposure in future..
    Will start my star shooting lesson from here.. stay tune and see me grow.. :)

    nikkor 50mm f1.8 - Orion's body
    love his belt - 'fu1 lu4 shou4' in mandarin
    The Three Old Men.. :)
    Focal Length : 50.0 mm
    Shutter Speed : 1/4
    Aperture : 1.8
    ISO : 800
    White Balance : Auto

    nikkor 18-200mm - the orion - including his hands and his weapon..
    do check on wikipedia for more information about it.
    Focal Length : 32.0 mm
    Shutter Speed : 8
    Aperture : 8.0
    ISO : 800
    White Balance : 3450K

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